DHL Holiday Delivery Deadlines you Must Meet in 2023

Dhl Holiday delivery deadline
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DHL Holiday -DHL is one of the world’s leading multinational e-commerce distribution firms, offering millions of packages to its consumers globally in more than 220 countries and territories.They provide a variety of offerings to retailers at competitive prices and impeccable delivery times, operating seamlessly during the year, on holidays, and even on weekends.

You’re probably here because you’re wondering: can DHL deliver on holiday? They do deliver on most U.S holidays, but as with any courier, the cut off dates are the most critical. If you’re using DHL or worrying about it, you’ll want to make a list of the big DHL Holiday on the calendar and make sure that you prepare accordingly and tell your customer about it.

DHL Calendar 2022:

DHL Calendar 2022

 DHL Holiday Schedule 2022-2023

To help you find out what DHL succeeds on holiday, you need to consider the DHL 2021 cutoff schedule. Here is a list of the applicable DHL cutoff dates and the tentative shipping schedules that you need to follow this year.

Date Holidays Status
Saturday, January 1 New Year’s Day Closed
Friday, April 15 Good Friday Open
Sunday, April 17 Easter Sunday Closed
Monday, April 18 Easter Monday Closed
Wednesday, April 27 King’s Day Closed
Thursday, May 26 Ascension Day Closed
Sunday, June 5 Pentecost Closed
Monday, June 6 Whit Monday Closed
Thursday, June 23 Grand Duke’s Official Birthday Modified services (varies as per location)
Thursday, July 21 Independence Day Modified services (varies as per location)
Monday, August 15 Assumption Day Modified services (varies as per location)
Tuesday, November 1 All Saints’ Day Modified services (varies as per location)
Friday, November 11 Armistice Day Modified services (varies as per location)
Monday, December 5 Sinterklaas Modified services (varies as per location)
Saturday, December 24 Christmas Eve Modified services (varies as per location)
Sunday, December 25 Christmas Day Closed
Monday, December 26 Boxing Day Modified services (varies as per location)
Saturday, December 31 New Year’s Eve Modified services (varies as per location)
Sunday, January 1 New Year’s Day Closed

dhl 7

It’s a big day on the DHL holiday calendar. It’s a special day in America set aside to honor veterans who have lost their lives in military service. As DHL staff attend the festivities, their offices will stay closed and no pick-up and distribution facilities will be open.

So, make sure your parcels are mailed in advance to arrive before or on Saturday, May 29, 2021.

dhl 6

DHL offices usually remain closed on Sundays. Since Independence Day will be held on a Sunday, this means that their usual pick-up and distribution services will be discontinued from 3 July to 5 July.

Here are the DHL shipping deadlines that you need to meet on Independence Day so that you can make your shipments deliver before or on Friday, July 2, 2021. Otherwise, they will not be delivered until 6 July, when regular pick-up and distribution services resume.

dhl 5

This is a significant statutory holiday to honor and acknowledge the contribution of workers. DHL offices will remain closed on this day, and regular pick-up and distribution services will remain suspended.

So, you need to prepare to get your buyers to collect their shipments before or on Saturday, September 4. Otherwise, they will have to wait until 7 September, when regular pick-up and distribution services can resume.

dhl 4

The Americans are celebrating this day with a festive feast to honor and thank you for the autumn harvest. DHL offices will stay closed on this day, so there will be no pick-up or distribution operation. To prevent hassles, make sure that you prepare and ship your customers to collect their goods before the 24th of November.

dhl 3

Black Friday is usually the day after Thanksgiving, while Cyber Monday is always the next Monday. Both days are associated with a shopping spree, and there’s usually a big jump in online shopping and delivery. During this time, many eCommerce retailers are promising big discounts over a full 24 hours, or even over the weekends.

The holiday shopping frenzy is expected to run for a whole week until 30 November this year. Without a doubt, this will be a busy season on the DHL holiday calendar, and their regular pick-up and distribution systems will remain completely operational to accommodate the height of shipping demand.


Christmas Day is one of the long-awaited times of the year and is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony in most parts of the world, including America. DHL headquarters will stay closed this day and none of the daily mail services will be available.

However, on Christmas Eve, which is 24 December, DHL services will remain entirely operational. So, ship to make your packages arrive before or on the 24th of December.

dhl 1

The New Year is celebrated all around the country. Like every other company, DHL is taking a break from its usual pick-up and delivery services to join the rest of the world in celebrating the new year.

The DHL holiday timetable reveals that its offices will be closed on this day and that all regular postal services will not be available. However, the pick-up and distribution services will usually take place on New Year’s Eve, which will take place on 31 December 2021.

DHL Holiday Hours:

24 December: pick up and deliver before 4:30 p.m. You may hold a pick up before 3:00 p.m.

December 25: Locked

26-30 December: Daily pick-up & shipment

31 December: pick-up and distribution before 16:30. You should book your pick up before 15:00.

1 January: closed:

From 02 January: Daily pick-up and fulfillment

DHL Saturday delivery:

The answer is YES, DHL’s regular delivery days are from Monday to Saturday in the majority of European nations. However, you can take advantage of alternative services for this in locations where Saturday is not a regular delivery day. We shall learn more about this in the future.

DHL offers a number of extra services in addition to their conventional offerings. It includes non-standard delivery and billing choices. This implies that while utilizing DHL. You will have the freedom to select a service based on your needs. Please be aware that not all locations will provide DHL’s extra services. To find out what extra services are offered, it is a good idea to get in touch with the DHL office that is closest to you.

Ship Smart with DHL 2021 Holiday Deadlines

There you’ve got it! These are the relevant DHL holiday days when their usual pick-up and delivery services will not be available. To handle these peak delivery periods and prevent disruption to your clients, make sure you prepare early and match your purchaser’s shipping requirements with the DHL holiday timetable.

You will need to factor in the Covid-19 situation in your shipment plan to see how you can handle shipping delays that could occur as a result of the coronavirus situation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long would it take for my package to arrive at its destination?
The delivery time is determined by the destination. Within the Benelux, the parcel will be shipped the next business day. Shipments to European countries other than the Benelux have different delivery dates. The full list of transit times can be found here.

Is it possible to trace my shipment if I don’t have a shipment number?

Unfortunately, that is not an option. We suggest that you write down the shipping number at all times. This is a one-of-a-kind number associated with your order. Please contact the sender if you have not got this.

Is it necessary for me to pay import duty on the goods I purchase?

When you buy goods from a country outside the European Union, you must pay import duty. The customs officials charge these fees.

Import tariffs are almost never reflected in the price of merchandise purchased electronically. We pay the import duty owed to customs in order to supply the products to you as soon as possible. We will send the items to you as soon as you have paid the full price.

Which payment options are available to me?

To send shipments through DHL Parcel, you must have an account number. This will provide you with personalized prices based on your delivery profile. You pay for the shipments after receiving our electronic invoice, which is sent every week via DHL e-Billing.

I’ve misplaced my password for My DHL Parcel. What do I do?

Enter your e-mail address as your username and click the “I forget my password” button. A new password would be sent to your e-mail address automatically. Once you’ve signed in, you should change your password.

I am unable to download my labels from My DHL Parcel. What do I do?

Pop-up blockers prevent my DHL Parcel from using animations. To import labels, you must allow pop-ups in your browser. This setting can be changed in your browser’s privacy settings. Go to “Settings,” “Content settings,” and then “Pop-ups” in Google Chrome.

DHL Holiday -If this does not resolve the problem, please contact our customer service department.


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