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DHL is a well-known shipping company that can carry your things all across the world. DHL services may be used in a number of ways that are both feasible and cost-effective. You can find a DHL location near you to drop off your item or schedule a pickup for your cargo. Below you’ll find a list of all DHL locations, including where you may drop off products, what services they offer.

Although DHL no longer facilitates domestic shipments within the United States.You can still rely on their express courier services to fulfill your cross-border needs. Here are the various DHL sites, like where to locate DHL drop off locations. You can observe sites  accessible in the U.S, the kinds of services they provide, and how to find them.

 DHL Locations (Main Types)

1  DHL Approved  Shipping Centers

Visiting an approved DHL shipping facility is the best method to learn about the nearest DHL location. Using the DHL worldwide service site locator, you may discover a lot of them. There are also many individually owned and run retail centers that may provide you with information on DHL services. In the United States, UPS Stores are permitted to partially handle DHL shipments sourced in the United States.
Remember that DHL has tight criteria for delivering risky items. There are restricted and forbidden commodities. You should make it sure that anything you transport complies within those guidelines.

  2  DHL service points

Many DHL Service stations can be found throughout the United States. They all of which are staffed by skilled employees that can offer you with a fully shipping service to the general public. You can also locate store executives who can provide you with individual assistance. These service sites make it simple to drop off packages and use DHL services.

3  DHL Drop Boxes

These DHL drop boxes may be found all over the place for shipping express papers and even small items. You’ll also get free shipping materials. Every daily, pickups take place. Ensure to drop off shipments that are bigger than 18″ x 13″ x 4″ at a DHL authorized shipping center or any of the operated facilities centers.

How to find DHL Locations near me?

If you need to ship something through DHL, utilizing the DHL Location Finder is the best approach to find DHL locations. You can use these websites listed below:

1-Find DHL locations all around the world

2-Find DHL locations in the United States

How to find DHL Locations near you

All you have to do, as seen in the above image, enter in the location and then search. You will receive results based on the location you select.

DHL find a Location

How to find a nearest DHL service point

DHL Locations -DHL has a network of more than 1.100 SERVICE POINTS spread over the whole country of Spain. We’re simple to find because we’re on all of the country’s key streets and stores. If you need to find the NEAREST DHL SERVICE POINT, simply use the search engine below.

How to find nearest DHL service point


To discover your local DHL service location. Click the ‘DHL locations’ icon above and begin by entering your City, State, or Zip Code. Our DHL drop-off location locator tool will assist you in locating the closest DHL service station or drop box.

DHL Express Servicepoint in New York:

DHL Express has DHL ServicePoints throughout the country. It makes international shipping simple, secure, and cost-effective. Each site is staffed by international professionals. They provide a wide range of day and time-definite international services for delivering papers and parcels to over 200 countries around the world.

dhl express service point in new york

DHL Express Delivery Time:

DHL is a global shipping company that offers services through DHL eCommerce and DHL Express. This indicates that with DHL international, you may enjoy speedier delivery times and hours than on the following two services.

DHL eCommerce International is a cost-effective shipping alternative for businesses who need to transport packages across international borders. On the other hand, for an additional fee, DHL Express provides speedy international delivery.

DHL express delivery time

DHL International Shipping Rates 2022:

DHL is a well-known international carrier that many eCommerce firms use to carry their shipments worldwide. International shipping charges from DHL are higher than local rates. A DHL shipping calculator may be used to determine DHL international rates. To obtain a DHL price, you will need to submit your location, package size/dimensions, and desired destination.

DHL Domestic Shipping Rates 2022:

The customers who wishing to transport items inside the country. The DHL now offers domestic shipping. The international shipping, local shipping ensures that your package arrives on time. They guarantee delivery by the end of the next working day in most situations if there are no genuine forthcoming vacations or weekends. For domestic deliveries, DHL Domestic shipping Rates are comparable to others.

The DHL increase shipping rates 2022:

DHL Express rates for Asian account holders have increased by 4.9 percent from the opening year of 2022. The same rate of rise  applies to the Asian nations such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia, as well as the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and other European countries. In the United States and Canada, however, the overall average shipment price has climbed by 5.9 percent for DHL account holders. Pls find increased rates here.

How can I get my DHL parcel ready for delivery?

When you use Parcel Monkey to arrange a DHL drop-off service. You’ll get a mailing label after your order is complete. All you have to do now is print it and attach it to your box before dropping it off at a DHL service location near you. If you intend to ship an overseas package. Please print and attach the customs paperwork that created during the booking process.


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