The First ATR 72-600F Aircraft provided to FedEx Express [Comparison]

The question that How a First ATR 72-600F Aircraft supplied to FedEx Express Support the delivery of goods and services to communities worldwide. FedEx Express, a division of FedEx Corp.(NYSE: FDX) and the world’s largest express transportation firm.The company  announced the launch of the FedEx fleet’s first-ever purpose-built regional turboprop freighter. This follows the 2017 signing of a firm order of 30 aircraft of the airline. Now it has aimed to buy 20 more. This global fleet enables the organization to deliver fast, cost-effective services. It will play a vital role to promote small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

ATR turboprop, the most fuel-efficient regional aircraft

ATR turboprop, the most fuel-efficient regional aircraft. It has a common option for freight and passenger operators. The service dedicated to a more competitive aviation industry for the future. ATR has considerable experience in the international freighter market. Approximately 130 ATR freighter aircraft are currently in service, comprising one-third of the global, regional freighter fleet. This brand-new ATR 72-600F combines the advantages of this experience to provide FedEx with a freighter that meets the requisite specifications. With the evolving demand and the rise of e-commerce. The ATR is ideally suited to linking societies and economies around the world. The ATR is ideally suited to linking societies and economies around the world

The advantage of ATR Aircraft

FedEx Express services will now benefit from the unique advantages provided by the ATR 72-600F’s 75m3 freight capacity. The purpose-built freighter’s fuselage is a clean build, highly optimized for cargo. It has been supplied by the turboprop manufacturer’s Italian shareholder Leonardo, from their facilities in Naples. The wide cargo door of the aircraft facilitates the optimum loading of nine tons of payload. The said provision  option of transporting either bulk cargo or five 88″ x 108″ pallets or up to seven LD3 containers in the Unit Load System (ULD) configuration. Pilots will take advantage of the new upgrade standard 3 avionics suite in the ATR 72-600.

A significant step in fleet renewal plan and business network

Jorn Van De Plas, Senior Vice President Air Service, and GTS Europe, FedEx Express said: “Today’s launch of the first ever-built regional ATR freighter. It will represent an exciting new chapter for our FedEx Express Feeder fleet. This is a significant step in our fleet renewal plan to ensure that we are the most scalable, efficient and responsible business network. “In what has been a tough year, both for companies across the world and for cities, we  proud to stay at the center of efforts to keep the markets going and supply goods around Europe. This latest ATR Feeder supplies tie-up with our overall ‘Reduce, Replace, Revolutionize’ recycling strategy. Replacing larger, less efficient aircraft in a more competitive manner.”

According to the Stefano Bortoli, Chief Executive Officer of ATR,

Stefano Bortoli, Chief Executive Officer of ATR, said: “Each manufacturer is proud to be designing and producing a brand new aircraft. After the uniquely difficult year the industry and the world have faced, handing over this very first ATR 72-600F to FedEx Express . It  covered thrilling and satisfying moment. For the whole squad in the ATR. Freighters have a tremendous role to play in delivering vital connections between economies around the world. The unique facets of new, purpose-built freighter offer operational advantages for businesses who incorporate them into their fleet.

We will explore here the answer to our question that How a First ATR 72-600F Aircraft supplied to FedEx Express Support the delivery of goods and services to communities worldwide. It comes to know that “FedEx is no stranger to ATR, with more than 40 of our turboprops in their current fleet. We are proud to continue this relationship with this world leader and to have selected the ATR 72-600F as part of their fleet refresh program. This places FedEx at the forefront of responsible aviation with the most fuel-efficient aircraft currently on the market,” Bortoli concludes.

As part of the FedEx Express Circularity Pledge, the two aircraft substituted by the current ATRs will be donated to Madrid Airport. They should  used for fire service training. These will be the 97th and 98th aircraft, FedEx donated to the fleet at the conclusion of their operations.

This delivery is an encouraging step for the logistics and air freight. The industry due to its solid efforts continues to help the economy across the globe.

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