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UPS customer service number
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UPS Customer Service Number: In terms of shipping and logistics services, UPS is a well-known brand on a global scale. As a client, there may be a range of situations when you need help with your shipments or have questions regarding UPS services. This post will provide you with a thorough overview of how to contact UPS customer care, the many support channels accessible, and communication best practices. Having the UPS customer support number handy may help you save time and money and ease any worries you may have regarding your shipments, regardless of whether you’re a company owner or an individual shipper.

Customers sometimes have questions, concerns, and complaints about their goods. As a result, UPS Customer Service Centers can be located all over the world to help with concerns relating to UPS services. These services include tracking, post boxes, vacation hold, UPS My Choice, change of address, and so on.

UPS Customer Service?

UPS’ customer support section allows people worldwide to use their services. It has an online support service and cuustomer service platform where details on different UPS programs can be obtained by a client. The online support service is accessible seven days a week. You can avail yourself at any time of the day, and individuals can get answers to their questions. The online support service also gives a detailed overview, including features and costs, of different UPS items.

What is the phone number and UPS customer support center?

A UPS Customer Center is where a client can call for an inquiry or ask about UPS services and shipments. One of the hubs spread around the US is located in the customer service department. The telephone numbers are posted on their respective websites for all foreign branches and headquarters to call. On their website, the customer support services provided by UPS are listed.

UPS customer support systems are designed to address common customer questions and problems. In these customer centers, many features are offered. These services include FAQs, troubleshooting, installation, updates, repairs, etc.  The other facilities include updates to UPS printers’ hardware and software. These services are also provided by UPS customer support centers. The changes help clients increase the efficiency of these products. Third-party companies produce specific products, such as computers and printers, and may not be compatible with specific models sold by UPS.

UPS Customer Service Number:

If you need a quick response to any problems, complaints, or services, call UPS at 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS®). Your question will then be resolved by a UPS customer care specialist. To contact a UPS customer support specialist quickly, follow the given steps:

1. Please call 1-800-742-5877.
2: When the system begins to ask you questions, select “0.”
3. When it begins to ask again, press “0.”
4-That’s it. There are no alerts or lots of questions; there are simply two small buttons.
You should be redirected to customer assistance at this point.

The Best UPS Toll-Free/800 Customer Service Number:

This phone number is UPS’s best phone number because 157,900 customers, like you, used it in the previous 18 months and provided feedback. By using this number, you can check Lost Package, Track a Package, Change Delivery Address, Missing Delivery, and Delivery Issue.

Contact UPS Customer Service

The other customer service difficulties are common concerns addressed by the customer care team that handles calls at 800-742-5877. The UPS contact center that you simply dial has staff from Michigan and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to midnight EST, according to customers. UPS has a total of six phone numbers.

Simple ways to contact UPS:

To contact us, you can use the following simple methods:

  1. Phone: You may call UPS customer service directly by dialing their toll-free number: 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877). This number is accessible for general inquiries, package tracking, and other customer-related issues.
  2. Online Chat: UPS offers an online chat option on their official website. Go to the UPS website,, roll down to the bottom of the page, and click on “Chat with Us” under the “Contact UPS” portion. You’ll be connected with a UPS representative who can support you.
  3. Email: You can send an email to UPS customer support by visiting the UPS website. Go to the “Contact UPS” page and select the proper email option based on your query or location.
  4. Social Media: UPS is vibrant on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can send them direct messages or post on their pages to request support.
  5. UPS Mobile App: If you have the UPS mobile app installed on your smartphone, you can use it to track parcels, request support, and disclose information to UPS customer service.
Country Customer Service Number
United States 1-800-742-5877
Canada 1-800-742-5877
U.K 03457 877 877
Australia 13 26 10
Germany 01806 877 877
France 0821 233 877
India 1800-22-7171
China 800 820 8388
Japan 0120-27-1040

How do I communicate with a UPS customer service representative?

There are also various Phone Center shortcuts that you should be aware of before dialling this domestic customer care number, which are listed below: –

UPS Locations:

To find a UPS store or an office in your city. Check for locations by region, street address, city, state, or zip code. The findings can be narrowed down by location and type, like UPS stores. You can also check UPS Customer Centers, UPS Drop Boxes, UPS Coalition Locations, and Approved Shipping Outlets.

Shipment Tracking:

UPS Tracking: If you have any issues regarding your shipment, need tracking information, or need information on a damaged or missing product, call the number given. When the connection is established, say “Tracking” and provide the tracking number for your shipment, then carefully follow the next instructions.

UPS InfoNotice:

If you really want to track via UPS InfoNotice, dial the pre-assigned service number and, upon successful connection, state “Tracking” and supply your UPS InfoNotice number. Then wait for further steps. This number can be used to request a modification of the delivery address. You can schedule the package’s upcoming delivery date as well as request a hold for pickup. You might also request that the call be returned to the sender.

Send a package:

If you desire to send a package, arrange a pickup, or get rate information and wish to do it over the phone,. You may dial the UPS Customer Service number line and say “Send a Package,” then wait for further instructions and pay close attention. This shortcut approach may also be used to collect information such as the amount of time a product spends in transit, UPS locations, and foreign shipment details.

Order Supply:

If you want to order supplies and just need support with a prior order over the phone,. Contact the above-mentioned number and say “Order supplies” and attentively follow the instructions on the call.

UPS Customer Service Hours:

UPS Customer Service Hours are available for assistance Monday through Friday. During regular business hours, you can address any questions or concerns regarding your packages. Whether you need to track the status of your package, inquire about delivery options, or resolve shipping issues, UPS is available to provide prompt and top-notch support during these hours, demonstrating their commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.

UPS Freight Customer Service Number:

If you have any questions about UPS Freight services, please call the correct numbers:


Call 800-333-7400 or 888-682-4652.

2-Air freight,


3-Ocean Freight,


If you have a query regarding shipping services or need immediate assistance in an emergency,. You may contact the UPS Customer Service hotline at any time because it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

UPS International Customer Service:

The UPS International Customer Service department may be reached at 800-782-7892 for issues such as lost packages, tracking packages, changing delivery addresses, missing deliveries, and delivery issues. As far as we know, UPS has contact center locations throughout Michigan. You may call between the hours of 8 a.m. and EST, Monday through Friday.

UPS offers six phone numbers and twelve alternative ways for customers to contact them. With the assistance of visitors like yourself, we have gathered information about 800-782-7892 and ways to reach or connect with UPS.

UPS Customer Service Email Address:

If you have a question or inquiry for which you do not want quick responses or need to call,. You might mail them about your problem in detail rather than calling. Just go to the UPS official site and pick the Contact UPS alternative; you will get an email in the contact customer service

Prior to entering your problem or query in the comment section,. You must provide all necessary information, like your phone number, the name of your community, and the tracking number. By clicking on the send button once you’ve stuffed out all the desired fields,. When you acknowledge it, you’ll get approval that it was received.

You should receive a response from UPS dispatch within 24 hours. This procedure is highly useful when you are unable to speak with a person who has to be reached immediately.

How to file a UPS customer service complaint:

UPS General Complaint:

You can use the following numbers to file a general complaint: 1-800-742-5877. The customer service hours for filing a general complaint over the phone are not fixed because this service is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

local complaint or general delivery problem:

The local postmaster should be contacted if you have a local complaint or post-restante issue that you think can be resolved by the nearby UPS office. You can locate your local UPS office at the UPS location if you don’t know where it is. By following these steps, you may use the programme to find the closest post office:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. From the top menu, select “Location.”
  3. As indicated in the figure below, a new page will be opened UPS Customer Service, UPS Customer Service Number, UPS Customer Service
  4. Fill in your location in the supplied field, or choose “Use my current location.” View all of the options and select UPS Customer Center from the “location type” selection.
  5. You can also adjust in a way that is more reconcilable with your choices (optional).
  6. When you click the search button, all of the results will be shown. Choose a proper site from it and note down all of the office’s fine print.

Top Usage for Calling UPS Customer Service:

Dialing the correct number: While dialing UPS, double-check that you’re dialing the correct number. There are separate numbers for local and international shipment, as well as freight pallets and items weighing more than 150 pounds. It is also critical to contact the appropriate UPS number for the country from which you are calling.

Prepare your paperwork. Have any pertinent paperwork, such as tracking numbers, invoices, receipts, or conversations between you and UPS, ready when you call. If at all feasible, have the names and addresses of both the shipper and, by extension, the receiver in hand.
When speaking with a UPS employee, always use pleasant words.

Our Approach

USP Customer Service Number: We’ve explored a variety of methods to contact UPS in the event of an emergency or an issue with one of their services. Whether it’s an online problem like tracking-related concerns, shipping prices, etc. On the other hand, an offline problem like a change of address, late delivery, etc. UPS has an increasing number of customers and receives numerous requests and inquiries on a daily basis. Thus, it gives complete assistance to its clients affiliated with any department or service so that customers are never left unhappy.

Customers, please check that you have identified your problem thoroughly before contacting the UPS Customer Center. This will allow you to determine which department you issue belongs to and save you time speaking to the wrong department. Otherwise, it will cause unneeded confusion for both you and them. So, if this is the case, try UPS Customer Service, since they provide one of the easiest services.

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