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UPS Drop Boxes for National and International Packages

UPS Drop Boxes
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With more than 42,000 locations around the world, the UPS Drop Box is guaranteed to be close to you. You will lower your shipment 24 hours a day. Enjoy later pick-up times and the ease of UPS Drop Boxes after-hours to satisfy the needs of your busy schedule. You can easily be shipped to domestic and international destinations while getting a lot of the required supplies right in your closest UPS drop box. Declare a fee for packages with a maximum value of US$500 per package by dropping packages up to a maximum height of 16in. Ok, x 13in. Hey, x 3in.

What is a UPS drop Box?

UPS Drop Box is a self-service location where UPS services are accepted. Sometimes we need a last-minute cargo, and other times we need a pickup schedule that is later than the real time. However, UPS has timetables for all of its services, and you may not always be able to meet your needs. As a result, if you intend to utilize the UPS service, you should be aware of the UPS pickup hours.

Having said that, UPS Drop Boxes address this problem. Let’s go through some of the other aspects of these drop boxes. UPS’s drop box service have a variety of capabilities. Let’s have a look at a few of the more essential ones.The parcels you leave off at the drop boxes will be dispatched not only to domestic destinations, but also overseas.

How to get  UPS Drop Boxes?

Approach UPS via its website and inquire about having a UPS drop box, put in or near your place of business. Remember that there may already be UPS drop boxes in your locality, therefore the company may deny your request. If UPS fails to deliver your package, you may wish to try another delivery service, such as DHL or FedEx.

ups drop box image

How can I get my package ready for drop box?

When you schedule a UPS drop-off service online with Parcel Monkey, you will be emailed a mailing label after your purchase has been processed. Simply print it and attach it to your shipment before dropping it off at the local UPS drop-off facility.If you are shipping an overseas shipment, please print and attach the customs paperwork that will be created during the booking process.

UPS drop Boxes Size:

These boxes are available for purchase through UPS. One advantage of opening a UPS business account is that you may get them for free on the UPS website. It’s worth noting that you’ll finish up paying for most boxes at a UPS Store because these items are marketed as moving packing materials. On the other hand,you can get general information by following bellow image.

UPS Drop Boxes (Gen Info)

How to find a UPS Drop Box near me?

UPS drop boxes are quite high in demand, which is why UPS plans to establish more drop boxes. Let’s go through how to locate these drop boxes. We’re going to go through two tools for finding drop boxes near you. One approach is to utilize the UPS finder to locate it, and another is to use our map to immediately locate drop box locations right now.

UPS drop boxes locations map:

1-Use the Map to discover drop box locations near me:

Using Google Maps, locate the nearest UPS drop box or UPS store. This map recognizes your present position and looks for nearby drop box locations. You may just select any of them that are appropriate for you and get to the destination by following the route map. If you want more specific information about a location, you can acquire it from this map alone. UPS is gaining ground as the leading provider of postal services, and it is developing at a rapid pace.

ups drop boxes map

1-Click on the ” view large map” button in the upper right corner of the above image.
2-Enter your address.
3-Choose the best place for you from the list below.

4-Follow the route map to the destination.

2-Use Locator to search a nearest UPS Drop Box:

Grab the nearest UPS drop box by selecting the place for which you need the result, and it will display your all the UPS drop off alternatives. By choosing any of the symbols on the map, you will obtain all of the detail about the drop box that is located at that place, as well as the fastest path to get there. The UPS locator has a benefit over other approaches in that it is provided and maintained by UPS.

find a drop of location

You can find UPS nearest drop box location by following bellow method:

1-Visit UPS website-  First, visit the UPS locator by clicking on the following link:

2-Enter the exact location- Enter the exact location where you wish to find the nearest UPS drop box.

3-Find a list of UPS Center A list of all UPS drop boxes and UPS centers in your search area will appear on the screen of your smartphone.
Now, deselect all of the UPS center selections before proceeding to the search option.

4-Click on the search Tab 5:After that, click on the search tab to acquire all of the information about the nearest UPS drop box to you.

5-Click on the More Info button 6:Click on the More Info button to access all of the information. The map will provide all of the information for your chosen UPS Dropbox.

Advantages by using UPS Drop Boxes:

There are many advantages by using UPS Drop Boxes,in this article we are going to discuss 3 major benefits which are as under:

Foreign shipping less expensive:

There are a number of advantages of the use of UPS drop boxes. The first advantage is that it makes foreign shipping less expensive, as the freight prices of the airline firms are smaller than the average. It also allows more time for shipping. Thanks to its worldwide footprint, there are no gaps in its activities and the dispatch of shipments is as fast as promising.

Convenient access to your home:

The second benefit of UPS drop boxes for domestic and foreign packages is that you can conveniently reach your house. All you need to do is find the UPS drop shipping office at the address given, and then you can reach the boxes from your home at any time. This convenience is not available to most courier firms. Owing to the various times they have, it might be convenient for you to navigate the shipments. For e.g., you can not be able to use them on weekends alone.

Shipping gift for bulk cargo:

UPS drop boxes for overseas shipping are a gift to those that ship bulk cargo. It helps you to store items in vast amounts and there are several different rooms to stack the crates. There is also a packing compartment, which is very huge and large. This offers you plenty of room to place the pieces in such a manner that they are correctly boxed and cushioned. The packaging area itself will help mitigate any harm caused by water or any other spilling liquids.

UPS Drop Off?

UPS keeps on making certain that their clients receive the best services possible. As a result, they provide a variety of services that allow their customers to readily access them. UPS drop off is a service provided by UPS in which you may choose your local drop off location from which to collect your shipment. It is not required to choose simply the nearest drop-off location. You may choose any place as your UPS drop off destination and pick up the item from there.

UPS also provides drop-off facilities all around the world. If you need a UPS drop off, I’m sure you can locate one near you if you look hard enough. There are several methods for locating the nearest UPS drop off location and retrieving your goods from there. In this post, we’ll go through how to identify UPS drop off sites near you. We will also give a map here so that you can locate the UPS drop off locations.

How i can get a UPS Drop off near me?

UPS drop boxes are quite high in demand, which is why UPS plans to establish more drop boxes. Let’s go through how to locate these drop boxes. We’re going to go through two tools for finding drop boxes near you. One approach is to utilize the UPS finder to locate it, and another is to use our map to immediately locate drop box locations right now.

By utilizing UPS drop off  locations:

How can you locate the nearest UPS drop box or UPS store? Google Maps allow you to track any place you choose. This map identifies your present position and displays the results of a search. If you want more specific information about a location, you can acquire it from this map alone. UPS is becoming the number one provider of postal services and is expanding on a daily basis, therefore it is unlikely that you do not have UPS services in your neighborhood.

All that said, it is not uncommon for people to struggle in their hunt for the one. There is no need to be concerned since we have given you with a map that will allow you to simply locate any UPS drop box store near you.

Avail the Locator for UPS Drop Off locations:

UPS is indeed  to give the greatest services for individuals who want to ship their packages, which is why it also offers a drop off service. This post will go through various methods for locating UPS drop off sites.

To locate the nearest UPS drop off location, follow these steps:

1: Navigate to the UPS official website.

2: Click on the ‘Location’ option at the top of the site’s main page.

3: Fill in the blanks with the name of your place. You may also use the option ‘track my current location.’

4: Select the search button after selecting the drop-off location option from the more choice menu. When you click, it will display all UPS drop-off locations near the area you specified. Lists of such places are also provided, together with their complete locations and opening and closing times.

Drop off at the UPS Access Point:

UPS Access Point is a site that is easily accessible from your current position. This service is offered by local companies that agree to pick up and drop off parcels. They are the finest because they offer their clients various hours for drop-off and pick-up, including evenings and weekends. More than 1900 UPS Access Point sites may be found in various countries.

While dropping off your package at the UPS Access Point, keep the following aspects in mind:

ups access point

Packages weighing more than 20 kg are not permitted.
Parcels longer than 80 cm are not permitted.
Packages with a stated value of less than £3,000 are permitted.
The overall size of the package should be less than 330 cm in girth and length together and should not be greater than this restriction.
Any overseas package must have a commercial invoice.
You must have a government-issued picture ID while picking up your delivery; otherwise, you can hardly do so.

How to find UPS Access Point locations near me?

Follow the steps below to locate the UPS Access Point:
1-Visit the UPS Today website.
2-Click on the flag of the country for which you need this service.
3-In the tab bar, select the UPS Access Point tab.
4-After making your selection, you will be sent to the UPS Access Point information page.

5-Fill in the box labelled ‘Town or Postcode’ with your city, a town name, or your city’s postal number.
6-If the default country is not yours, choose it from the drop-down option.

You can simply locate a UPS local access point where you may drop off or pick up your cargo. Click on the option to acquire more information about that specific access point. You may choose the optimal UPS Access Point for your needs based on time and location.

UPS  Location Types:

1-The UPS Store:

UPS Store is a UPS discount outlet selling a range of parcel, express, print, and other small business options. These sources can be found in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.Each outlet provides UPS’ full range of domestic, foreign, and freight delivery options focused on your time period and service level requirements.

2-UPS Drop Box:

UPS has more than 38,000 drop box sites around the U.S. In these drop boxes, you can leave packages that are delivered both domestically and abroad through every UPS delivery service.

Drop boxes are still available now. UPS pick-up times are usually later for these sites, and you can also access proper shipping materials to schedule your shipment appropriately. The shipping facilities of the UPS Shop included.

3-Lockers with UPS:

UPS lockers (officially referred to as UPS Access Points) can be located in local businesses with which UPS partners. Though they are primarily used for deliveries, they also receive outgoing UPS mark shipments.

4-UPS Distribution Centers:

Referred to as “UPS Customer Centers,” these UPS service centers are running facilities that can also satisfy the domestic or foreign shipment needs.

You can buy packaging materials and control all types of UPS operations. In addition, they have the resources needed to automatically create labels, check your shipping addresses, and save regularly delivered destinations for faster loading. Or deliveries, they also receive outgoing UPS mark shipments.

Domestic and foreign shipment:

UPS drop boxes for domestic and foreign imports also offer additional protection for products. As they are situated at the border of the destination country, you will see that they can meet their rightful owners. For example, if the packet is missed by the courier company when crossing the wall, the UPS box of the country of destination will serve as a safety net. They’re going to contact you or update you directly to let you know their results. When you are at work and cannot search for your deliveries, you can be assured that they will be shipped safely to your destination.

UPS drop boxes are useful for people who wish to move huge quantities of items. Most retailers are now transitioning to online shopping. UPS will ship this merchandise to consumers from their website. You will use the boxes to deliver home electronics, clothes, personal care items, and even toxic materials. There are several various programs offered by UPS for this purpose.

UPS drop boxes for international and domestic orders can be delivered to any place in the country. You don’t need to think about locating the right address when you’re going to get a customer service team to help you out. Only make sure the shipment makes its destination on time. Because UPS tracking numbers are easy to verify, you can make sure your items arrive safely. UPS is a fantastic business to partner with as you send goods abroad. The best part of it is that  the cost is really competitive.

Frequently Ask Queries:

May I leave a package in a UPS drop box?

At UPS Drop Box sites, all UPS support levels are approved. Use UPS Drop Boxes as a one-stop-shop for all of your last-minute shipping needs. Any Drop Box offers the ease of self-service.

How does UPS drop boxes function?

UPS Drop Boxes allow you to drop off your order at the closest self-service location 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At UPS Drop Box locations, you can drop off every UPS service level. Get later pickup times than you normally can.

Is it okay if I drop off a UPS box at the post office?

Customers can either drop off the order at their nearest US Post Office,  postal delivery boxes, standard UPS drop-off sites, third-party stores, or hand it to a UPS carrier.

What happens to UPS parcels as they arrive at USPS?

UPS Mail Innovations® collaborates with domestic and overseas postal providers to pick up, sort, and transport your order. The actual delivery is made, by the postal service. If you need additional tracking information, please contact your shipper.

You can use a UPS Drop Box to deliver your package to the closest self-service UE campus site any time of day or night, seven days a week.

Can you put packages in a UPS Drop Box?

1-An exterior UPS drop box is overall 55″H x 25″W x 22″D.
2-The shipment-ready packages are stored in a “box” that measures 20″ x 20″ x 18″.
3-UPS will publish the pick-up time on the outside of each drop box. The drop box planned pick-up time is likely to be 6:00 p.m.

4-At any moment, UE and UPS are not liable for packages left outside of a drop box.
5-If packages are put in the drop box, UPS will try to get in touch with the senders directly.

Can UPS pick up package from home?

You may schedule a pickup online at the following link or by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS® to have your package picked up from your home or place of business (1-800-742-5877). You just need to request one pickup for UPS to pick up all of your shipments; you won’t be charged extra pickup costs for each one.

What if my package doesn’t fit in the USPS drop box?

If my shipment doesn’t fit in the USPS drop box, what should I do?
Yes, the post office will keep your shipment for you if it does not fit in your PO Box. Your PO Box will receive a slip from the post office letting you know the parcel has been delivered.


UPS services such as drop off and pick up locations are quite popular among UPS clients. This provides an idea of two of UPS’s services: UPS drop off and UPS drop boxes. You will learn about UPS drop off and how to locate a facility near you. In this section, we explored two main methods: one using our map and the other using the UPS location. Both methods are effective in their own right. The map saves time, although the location is only officially refreshed by UPS, thus the possibilities of receiving misleading information are nil. Another option we addressed was the use of UPS Access Point locations and the many ways to locate one.


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