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UPS Worldwide Expedited: Shipping Cost 2023 & Delivery Time

UPS Worldwide Expedited Shipping
Written by Robart Ryan

UPS Worldwide Expedited-More than 220 locations and territories can receive deliveries with UPS Worldwide Expedited in two to five working days after being cleared by customs. This world’s best service can assist you in striking a balance between speed and cost when timelines are more flexible. Send your goods to their destinations without breaking the bank.

We will provide you with some reliable information on UPS International Shipping in this article. The relevant details about packages, customs, delivery times, shipping costs, tracking, and much more are included.

What is UPS Worldwide Expedited?

UPS Worldwide Expedited is a global package delivery service that provides fully monitored shipping from the US to many others locations around the world.

Worldwide expedited is more economical than certain express services and provides a fantastic mix between speed and affordability, with delivery time frames varying from two to 5 business days.

This credible international delivery service is a great option whether you’re shipping something for personal or business use. It offers generous weight limits for shipping large items and the choice of dropping off your package at a nearby drop-off location or having it picked up right from your doorstep.

How does UPS Worldwide Expedited work?

You may mail items internationally to more than 220 nations using UPS Worldwide Expedited. The distance and presence of a UPS office in the recipient’s location will affect delivery time. For instance, shipping from the US to Canada would likely take two full days, but delivery from the US to Europe will likely take three or more days.

On the official UPS website, you may register and set up an account. Then, choose the Shipping section and complete all the required details, including the country of origin and the destination, as well as whether you want the box delivered to a nearby pickup location or the recipient’s address. You can estimate the delivery time and freight costs.

UPS Worldwide Expedited Shipping Cost:

2023 UPS Rates Increased:

The 2023 rate rise was announced by UPS and will take effect on December 27, 2022. By the way, each shipper’s weekly payment includes a sizable portion of the 2023 UPS accessory costs. The UPS ground and air prices will thereafter rise by an average of 6.9%. Rates for UPS Air Freight will rise by an average of 6.2% for customers in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The UPS will raise its late payment penalty from 6% to 8%.

2023 ups rates increased

UPS Worldwide Expedited Delivery Time:

  • Shipping in two business days to Canada
  • Next business day delivery to Canada and for documents to Mexico
  • Deliver in three or four days to Europe
  • Delivery in four to five days to Asia and Latin America UPS Standard
  • Day-definite delivery based on origin and destination

ups worldwide expedited time

Worldwide Expedited vs. Saver:

Compared to UPS Worldwide Saver, UPS Worldwide Expedited offers a larger delivery region. The transit time and delivery price are the two services’ primary distinctions.

We’ll use the example of delivering a ten-pound box from the US to Japan to show how much their costs and delivery times vary from one another. An outline of what each of the service providers is given below:

  • UPS Worldwide Expedited: This service will run you around $75 to mail your shipment to Japan. Additionally, it might take up to four days for delivery.
  • UPS Worldwide Saver: If you choose this option, shipping will cost roughly $80 and you’ll receive your package the next day.

UPS Saver has a higher shipping fee than UPS Worldwide Expedited. So, UPS it is the preferable choice if you want to deliver anything worldwide at a reasonable price.

UPS Worldwide Saver provides delivery in three business days, but it requires one to five days for shipping. So for last-minute delivery, choose Worldwide Saver.

UPS Worldwide Expedite Tracking:

UPS Tracking -Go to the Tracking page and enter your UPS Expedited tracking number to get this done. You will be able to find out all the details on the status of your package, including the time, date, and locations of every sorting facility it has visited so far. Additionally, you have the option of getting SMS or email notifications regarding the status of your delivery. This option is available on the carrier’s official website and requires your mail or phone number.

How long does UPS Worldwide Expedited take?

The amount of time it takes for worldwide expedited delivery depends on where you are sending from and to, however most important locations may be reached from the US in 2–5 business days.

When shipping from the US to Canada, your shipment will probably arrive in 2 business days, however,it will probably take 3–4 days to arrive in Europe.

Does UPS Worldwide Expedited deliver on Sunday?

Do UPS deliveries take place on Saturdays and Sundays? Yes, UPS provides delivery services for both residential and business items  Monday through Saturday. Residential shipments are also delivered on Sunday.


Does UPS deliver on Saturday?

Does UPS deliver on Saturday?” is a frequently asked question. So we decided to respond to this query. Yes! Saturday is UPS delivery day. It operates on Saturdays but only delivers a limited number of parcels. On Saturdays, it delivers UPS Next Day Air® Early, UPS Next Day Air®, UPS 2nd Day Air®, UPS Ground, and UPS 3 Day SelectTM items, as well as UPS Worldwide Express® Plus, UPS Worldwide Express®, and UPS Worldwide Express FreightTM goods. For Saturday delivery, all air shipments must be tagged and processed.

What’s the max weight for UPS Worldwide Expedited?

Items may weigh up to 150 lbs. and measure up to 108 inches. If your product is larger than this, you should check  UPS’s freight delivery options.

What’s the difference between Worldwide Expedited and Express Saver?

In general, UPS Express Saver is somewhat more expensive than  Worldwide Expedited but offers slightly quicker delivery times. With Express Saver, you may fly from the US to the majority of important overseas locations in just two to three business days.



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