UPS Freight pickup Types

UPS Freight Pickup Types and Shipment Reference Number?

What-are-ups-freight-pickup-types-and-shipment-reference-number-UPS Freight pickup refers to the specialized service provided by UPS Freight, a division of UPS that handles large and heavy shipments. While UPS primarily focuses on small package shipping. UPS Freight caters to businesses and individuals who require shipping solutions for bulky items. They contain palletized freight, and large shipments that exceed the standard size and weight limits of regular parcel services.

With a vast network of freight carriers, advanced logistics capabilities, and a commitment to excellent customer service. UPS Freight pickup offers reliable and efficient transportation solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial needs. Whether it’s shipping machinery, equipment, or other heavy goods. UPS Freight pickup ensures that businesses can seamlessly move their larger shipments across the country or around the world

What is a Freight Pickup?

A frеight pickup rеfеrs to thе procеss of collеcting or rеtriеving goods or cargo from a spеcific location, typically by a transportation sеrvicе providеr or carriеr. It involvеs schеduling and arranging for thе pickup of frеight at a dеsignatеd origin point, such as a warеhousе, manufacturing facility, or distribution cеntеr.

Frеight pickups arе an еssеntial part of thе logistics and supply chain managеmеnt procеss. Thеy еnsurе that goods arе collеctеd and transportеd to thеir intеndеd dеstination, whеthеr it’s anothеr facility, a customеr’s location, or a transportation hub for furthеr distribution.

Thе pickup procеss may involvе various activitiеs, such as loading thе goods onto a truck or othеr transportation vеhiclе, complеting nеcеssary papеrwork or documеntation, vеrifying thе quantity and condition of thе itеms bеing pickеd up, and sеcuring thе cargo for transportation. Thе pickup sеrvicе may bе providеd by a dеdicatеd frеight carriеr, a third-party logistics (3PL) providеr, or thе shipping company itsеlf, dеpеnding on thе arrangеmеnt and spеcific rеquirеmеnts of thе shippеr.

Ovеrall, a frеight pickup plays a crucial rolе in thе movеmеnt of goods, еnsuring thеy arе еfficiеntly collеctеd and transportеd to thеir intеndеd dеstination, facilitating thе smooth opеration of supply chains and mееting customеr dеmands.

What are UPS Freight Pickup Types?

UPS offers various freight pickup types to accommodate different shipping needs. Here are some common UPS freight pickup types:

  1. UPS On-Call Pickup: This service allows you to schedule a pickup for your freight shipment when needed. You can request a pickup online or by calling the UPS customer service.
  2. UPS Daily Pickup: If you have regular freight shipments, you can schedule a daily pickup with UPS. A UPS driver will visit your location on a daily basis to collect your shipments.
  3. UPS Drop-Off: Instead of scheduling a pickup, you can choose to drop off your freight shipment at a UPS location. UPS has numerous drop-off locations, including UPS Stores, UPS Customer Centers, and authorized shipping outlets.
  4. UPS Smart Pickup: This service is suitable for businesses with unpredictable shipping volumes. UPS monitors your shipping activity, and if there is a shipment to be picked up, they automatically schedule a pickup.
  5. UPS Freight Collect: With this option, thе rеcipiеnt of thе shipmеnt pays thе shipping chargеs upon dеlivеry. UPS will pick up thе shipmеnt from your location and dеlivеr it to thе rеcipiеnt, who thеn pays thе shipping costs.It’s important to notе that UPS offеrs diffеrеnt sеrvicеs for small packagе shipmеnts and frеight shipmеnts. Thе pickup typеs mеntionеd abovе primarily apply to frеight shipmеnts. For spеcific dеtails and to dеtеrminе thе bеst pickup option for your nееds, it’s rеcommеndеd to visit thе UPS wеbsitе or contact UPS customеr sеrvicе dirеctly.

What is Pick up Reference Number?

A reference number for UPS freight pick-up is specific to a shipment made by an organization. If a UPS freight collection reference number issued, it’s relevant to every business shipping with UPS. It provides details. A number, a standardized number used to track your consignments, typically referred to as a UPS Freight Registry. In this article we would discuss some benefits, drawbacks, and what can you do if your business uses the number, but does not have to. UPS Freight Pickup Reference Number.

UPS Freight Registries are used for the monitoring of imports of their commodities by businesses in the United States. They are used to ensure businesses record their revenue and expenditures correctly on schedule. It is important to watch the orders so it means that the business doesn’t delay delivery, does not run out of the item you’ve ordered, or that the package comes at all. Since they are generic, the numbers can allow you and your client to decide where an order is headed (because they will know where the load went).

A Pickup Reference Form is a text definition for a UPS Freight® shipment that use to identify a Pickup Reference Number. There are several different forms of reference that can be chosen from a number of sources, including (but not limited to):

PRO Numbers:

Carriers use a PRO number, or PRO tracking number, to coordinate and chart each shipment’s progress. In the industry, a PRO number is described as a “progressive + number.” If a PRO number for your shipment has been issued to you, you can track your shipment at

Tracking with Pro Number:

You can track your freight at if your cargo is assigned to a PRO number. When you collect the driver, your booking agent sends you status updates. When booking with Freight Center, we do all we can to inform you that your carrier updates the status of your shipment.

Purchase order Numbers:

What-are-ups-freight-pickup-types-and-shipment-reference-number-In order to approve a purchasing transaction, a Purchase Order (PO) is a document created by the buyer. A PO number defines a purchase order uniquely and specified by the purchaser. The purchase order number  typically assigned to you by the accounting or buying branch of the company. You will supply us with the number as your method of payment on an order after you have gotten the number from them. If you choose, you can also pay by credit card or OligoCard.

Bill of lading numbers:

Bill of Lading Number – is a special number issued to the delivery line that is the key number used to monitor the progress of the ship. The bill of lading is a paper needed to transport a freight shipment. The bill of lading (BOL) is a receipt of freight supplies, a contract between the freight carrier and the shipper, and a document naming. It is a legally binding contract supplying the driver and the courier. All related information required to process and properly invoice the shipment of merchandise.

Freight quotations from C.H. Robinson will increase the productivity of your company by automatically generating bills of lading during the quote and booking process. The BOL should be given to the pick-up carrier as well as to the packed freight.

Load numbers:

The UPS tracking number ,usually starts with the number ‘1Z’ for domestic parcels within the United States followed by a number of 6 characters (numbers and letters), an indicator for two digits, and eventually eight digits (the last digit is a testing digit), with a total of 18 characters.

Your UPS account number in six digits is your passport for a more integrated shipping process. Register today to learn how UPS will help your company expand.

Return Authorization Numbers:

Return approval number for the customer and the ship. The return authorization number, usually displays the cumulative order and ship number as a suffix. A return authorization number, or RA, is a special number that businesses issue to allow you to return an object that you have bought if it has a flaw or otherwise does not meet the criteria. While not all distributors need a figure, many do. It could create problems to ship a shipment without an RA number.

Reference Number for UPS Freight Pickup:

What-are-ups-freight-pickup-types-and-shipment-reference-number-If you use the UPS Freight Pickup Reference Number, each package  gives a specific code. That code, then written at the back of the packet. The client opened and inspected by the company when the package shipped and that is when the reference number is used. The reference number is part of a tracking number. That, written on the package that helps to track the distribution of goods sold.

If you might expect, the shipping industry is benefiting immensely from a UPS freight collection reference number. This is particularly true in organizations in which the employer and the staff are frequently the only ones who know the arrival of the packages. With a convenient and easy to use tracking number, the delivery firm can quickly trace and find packages as soon as they are discovered and retrieved. For exclusive offers and other deals, tracking numbers may also be used. Many businesses also print their own UPS freight pick-up comparison numbers to make it easy for a person or business to separate from standard companies.

UPS Reference Number Code table:

You can choose the best service for you from among those offered by UPS. The two characters for each service and the services chosen for the package  also determined by UPS, use in the UPS Tracking number of that package following “1Z” and the shipper number.

  • 01- The UPS United States Next Day Air (“Red”)
  • 02- UPS United States 2nd Day Air (“Blue”)
  • 03- UPS United States Ground
  • 04- UPS Canada Express Saver (typical next day)
  • 12- The UPS United States 3 Day Select (“Orange”)
  • 13- The UPS United States Next Day Air Saver (“Red Saver”)
  • 14- UPS Canada Express
  • 15- UPS United States Next Day Air Early A.M.
  • 17- UPS Canada Expedited (typically 2-day)
  • 20- UPS Canada Standard (Ground)
  • 22- UPS United States Ground – Returns Plus – Three Pickup Attempts
  • 32- UPS United States Next Day Air Early A.M. – COD
  • 33- UPS United States Next Day Air Early A.M. – Saturday Delivery, COD
  • 41- UPS United States Next Day Air Early A.M. – Saturday Delivery
  • 42- UPS United States Ground – Signature Required
  • 44- UPS United States Next Day Air – Saturday Delivery
  • 66- UPS United States Worldwide Express
  • 72- UPS United States Ground – Collect on Delivery
  • 78- UPS United States Ground – Returns Plus – One Pickup Attempt
  • 90- UPS United States Ground – Returns – UPS Prints and Mails Label
  • A0- UPS United States Next Day Air Early A.M. – Adult Signature Required
  • A1- UPS United States Next Day Air Early A.M. – Saturday Delivery, Adult Signature Required
  • A2- UPS United States Next Day Air – Adult Signature Required
  • A8- UPS United States Ground – Adult Signature Required
  • A9- UPS United States Next Day Air Early A.M. – Adult Signature Required, COD
  • AA- UPS United States Next Day Air Early A.M. – Saturday Delivery, Adult Signature Required, COD.

Tracking Number: 

What is a reference number for UPS Freight Pickup? A UPS freight shipment refers to a UPS delivery company’s tracking number for selection. This number, normally put on the dashboard for the shipment and printed for quick identification. The location of the pickup and contact details  write on a white poster on the pickup truck. The number  shown so you can watch your delivery and know when it comes to your house.

The shipping business helps to specifically know where and where a shipment can be located. It also allows a corporation to track and return shipments easily. It helps retain strong customer ties and allows the company to retake companies. Often SMEs uses UPS Freight Pickups to track the shipments of their goods. It guarantees that the goods  shipped in good time to their destinations. This Tracking Number will use to contact the providers. It ensures that they send the goods correctly and promptly as accepted.


What are the UPS Freight Pickup Types and Shipment Reference Number?-UPS Freight provides various pickup types tailored to the specific needs of their customers. Whether it’s a regular pickup, daily pickup, scheduled pickup, or drop-off option. UPS Freight aims to offer flexibility and convenience in handling shipments. Additionally, the shipment reference number serves as a crucial identifier for tracking and monitoring the progress of packages throughout the shipping process.

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