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What is Cheapest Shipping Option?

If you define UPS stands for a position of United Parcel Service while U.S.P.S Postal Service is a U.S. Postal Service Department. When it comes to exporting packages overseas, they are two widely accepted firms because they are both trustworthy and efficient. In a shipping and packages, UPS is well recognized for its services. On the other side, USPS is generally known for its foreign services that are extremely appropriate and good for small companies or individuals that wish to ship globally.

UPS and USPS both have benefits and drawbacks of their own. For e.g., at your own personal risk, with UPS, you can get your packages collected from any stage in the US. They do not provide delivery overnight.

UPS has a variety of drawbacks relative to USPS. Second, it does not have a shipping monitoring device. You will only keep track of your shipments online. And if you use the online monitoring system offered by UPS, there are drawbacks when it comes to tracking systems.

USPS, UPS, and FedEx are the three most well-known shipping couriers—but picking the one ideally tailored to your small company can be difficult. Consider three essential parameters for measuring services: speed, availability, and reliability.

In this post, we will break down the common services provided by these three business leaders and provide you with a clearer understanding of how to navigate which is ideally tailored to your eCommerce stores.

Comparison of price & time

The two key similarities you want to make our shipping rates and arrival time. Each courier would have various services to accommodate different package sizes and delivery times. Let’s take a look at how UPS vs FedEx vs USPS match rates, including time periods for various services.

Comparative analysis of Price

Now compare FedEx vs UPS vs USPS prices for the following services:

Flat Rate: Each courier delivers a flat-rate parcel delivery edition with equivalent price points and sizes. USPS gives you free flat-rate boxes on packages weighing up to 20 pounds. They can be shipped within 1-3 business days in the USA. Deal to FedEx Provides flat-rate programs for up to 50 pounds bundles. The arrival time of 1, 2, and 3 days is more definitive. The UPS quick rate is offered in five flat rates up to 50 pounds, with earth, 2nd-day air, and 3-day options to pick from.

Overnight: All three couriers have assured delivery services for the night, including FedEx 2Day AM, USPS Priority Mail Express, and UPS Next Day Air by 10 a.m.(UPS Overnight Service)

Below, an example of the shipping costs of regular couriers for overnight shipping from Brooklyn, New York, to Miami, Florida presented, while shipping a 2lb shipment 10″ x 5.”

Land: Both FedEx and UPS provide ground facilities that are competitive. FedEx Ground famous for its excellent monitoring and thus a safer choice for useful parcels than UPS Ground. For wide envelopes, packages, and tubes weighing up to 70 pounds, USPS Retail Ground support is given by USPS. USPS monitoring is part of the package at no expense.



Home: FedEx Home is perfect for shipping where delivery in 5 days is anticipated. UPS Land and USPS Priority E-mail are both good heavy box rivals and have the same timetable. However, the only distinction is that the USPS Preference Mail contains a limit of 70 libraries. Below is a case in point for delivering a shipment of 65 pounds.

Priority: priority mail is a quick service for deliveries to arrive as early as possible, typically by spending more money to get to where it wants to go. USPS Priority mail deliveries from midnight to 2 days within 1 – 3 days while UPS Priority Express delivers. Compatible services like FedEx 2 Day AM and UPS Next Day Air.

Heavy Parcels: Each courier provides affordable services for heavy packages. USPS has a 70 pounds weight cap on its famous shipping services. For those parcels UPS Field and FedEx Home Delivery is ideal.

UPS as the facility of shipping

If you plan to use UPS as your delivery service, you can also face a range of drawbacks. All of these drawbacks are the increased expense of shipping facilities. UPS charges a premium for its postal service, and it would really cost you whether you send a lot of products to ship or collected by your clients abroad or domestically. UPS imposes additional shipping charges if there a fault during the processing of the package or if the package has been abandoned at the wrong destination. For e-commerce traders, these additional fees could potentially be harmful to them, particularly if they are just starting their business.

Despite these drawbacks, UPS remains the most popular and common courier in the United States. This may be the key reason that makes them the right option for most e-commerce companies. When it comes to selecting the right delivery service for your e-commerce company, it would be easier to select UPS than any other courier provider.

One of the benefits of UPS is that it has a monitoring system for shipments. This is particularly important for foreign shipping. You’ll know when your package will be at the door because of the monitoring device.

UPS has a range of benefits over competitors when it comes to overseas shipping. It provides express service to its Belgian couriers. They’ve got the best turnaround time possible. Another benefit that it is a division from which most European countries can send.Eventually, UPS overseas exports are covered so that you assured that your shipping is completely secure.


There are also other benefits when it comes to transportation prices. It could cost less, particularly if you want to provide a greater number of shipments. And also, some couriers provide box insurance for packages that may suffer harm during transport. Usually, this protection included with freight costs. But whatever the benefits might be, if you wish to provide overseas imports, it should always  question whether or not it will be advantageous to you.

When you compare UPS and USPS, you will find that there are a few variations between the two. While they both offer identical facilities, they vary in their degree of usability. UPS provides overnight services with bigger orders, although some regions receive only 1 day of distribution. And then, some small shipments are also better delivered via UPS express service or the next day of delivery. This is especially beneficial to consumers who require small shipments, but live in places that are not available via other carriers.


UPS or USPS shipments still provide assured shipping at a set price. Few deliveries can also come with extra services, such as delivery on the same day and express overnight delivery. However, these services can cost extra depending on what services you choose to use. And then there are the transportation charges. You may still have to factor in the petrol cost to travel to the closest post office, which is why more eCommerce entrepreneurs are now opting for same-day delivery and overnight shipping options instead of UPS or USPS.

When to use USPS vs. UPS vs. FedEx

USPS: an inexpensive choice for medium mail, low weight, small, and less delicate parcels. Common utilities are Priority Mail and USPS Retail Field.


  • The cheapest service for small shipments
  • You can also send packages to mailboxes, PO boxes, military bases, and Diplomatic mail
  • Free pick-up service is available
  • Distribution at the weekend is also available


  • While monitoring has changed, it is still minimal relative to other services.
  • The customer care system is not as open relative to other courier providers.

UPS: ideally suited for bigger orders and freight parcels. This courier is suitable for manufactured products, clothes, furniture, and car parts. UPS Land and UPS Worldwide Express are common services.


  • UPS provides guaranteed express shipping with the same day and the following day delivery method for time-sensitive deliveries.
  • It has a very airtight monitoring device that offers detailed details about the package delivery.
  • Perfect for heavy exports with affordable freight facilities


  • It is more costly than most providers due to higher premiums and surcharges added to the regular rates.
  • Does not provide free pick-up and extra pick-up costs may also be applied to the expense.

FedEx: known for its accurate monitoring and swift shipping. Thanks to its time-sensitive delivery, FedEx ideally suited for transporting perishable products such as beer, drinks, and food. Common services include FedEx Land and FedEx International.


An excellent monitoring device is available to make it perfect for important deliveries.

Weekend/Saturday delivery service is available

Healthy discounts  given to maximize the affordability of exports. It is also a further draw for consumers.

 Cons: Does not provide free pick-up services for shipments

It can  costly compared to other alternatives because freight costs are higher.

There are fewer brick and mortar sites than the other couriers. UPS Delivery & Pickup Role for Small Business.

Choices for shipping

Now that we have completed the UPS Vs FedEx Vs USPS cost comparison, the next step on your logistic journey is to compare shipping rates.

Hours of operation:

FedEx: delivers 7 days a week, so if you want to make a delivery on Sundays, FedEx is a good choice. Delivery from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

UPS: open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Weekend delivery is only accessible in certain areas.

USPS: delivers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day—yes, it includes weekends. Deliveries usually occur from Monday to Saturday, but sometimes on Sundays as well.

Which is less expensive, USPS OR UPS?

UPS is often more costly than USPS due to fees and surcharges, especially when shipping smaller packages. In general, USPS provides much better pricing when shipping smaller shipments weighing less than two pounds, but UPS is usually a better option when shipping bigger, heavier packages due to superior value.USPS is nearly certainly less expensive with packages weighing less than 16oz. However, as parcels weigh more than 2 pounds, UPS land can be less costly.

Which is cheaper & better FedEx or UPS?

FedEx/UPS is marginally less expensive at precisely 2 lbs. Above 2 pounds, the USPS medium flat rate package is marginally less expensive than FedEx or UPS Ground. If your item weighs more than 5 pounds, try to fit it all into a USPS flat rate big package. Otherwise, FedEx and UPS would be less expensive with larger shipments.

How can I get free delivery supplies?

You will get your free USPS shipping materials by ordering them online at Stamps.com or picking them up at Post Offices around the country. The post office can provide you with up to 500 free delivery boxes or stickers. Most goods have a minimum order quantity ranging from one to ten pieces.

Cheap international shipping rates: compare the cheapest couriers with specific pros and cons, their shipping rates, package sizes, and more.


USPS vs UPS vs Fedex: Which is the Best Shipping Carrier?

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