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certified mail
Written by Robart Ryan

Certified Mail is a form of mail delivery service. That service adds protection to a letter, big envelope, or parcel and notifies you when it arrives at its destination. If you send Certified Mail frequently enough. The expense of this additional service can add up, not only in fees and shipping. You may consider the time spent by employees sending, tracking, and keeping Certified Mail receipts. In this piece, we’ll break down the various Certified Mail expenses and show you how to save money on them.

What is Certified Mail?

Certified mail is a type of domestic mail. Certified mail adds an extra layer of protection by attached a unique tracking number to each item sent.

The sender receives a postal receipt as legally recognized proof of delivery when using the Certified Mail service. In order to show that the sent item was delivered. The recipient must sign for certified mail. For First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service, or Priority Mail, you can choose the Certified Mail service. The speed with which you sent item arrives is determined by these various providers.

You cannot purchase insuranceĀ  products delivered by certified mail, unlike with Registered Mail.

How Does Certified Mail Work?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) tracking system scans and tracks each Certified Mail item.

When the postal item admitted into the mail stream at the post office. It is scanned for the first time. The package is then traced as it passes through multiple USPS mail sorting and automated screening hubs. Finally, the postal worker in charge of delivering your package must scan and track the signature of the receiver, which is necessary upon delivery. The recipient’s signature is retained on file for two years as proof of delivery once the item is received and signed for.

Certified Mail Cost:

Certified Mail is an additional service provided by the USPS that offers confirmation that a mail piece or parcel was dispatched. Whether you’re mailing a little letter or a huge box, the service price is $3.50. However, if you automated your procedure. You may cut postage costs for Certified Mail with Return ReceiptTM. You can simplyĀ  enter the recipient’s address and printing the Certified Mail label from your office.

This simplified online approach also includes address correction. So you won’t have to pay twice for returned mail that you have to resubmit. Online Certified Mail additionally provides tracking and visibility of the mail item, removing the need for you to worry and wait.

How to send Certified Mail?

Sending a registered letter to the UPS StoreĀ® is clear. Take the following four basic steps:

  1. Visit UPS Store and ask to order theĀ  Certified Postal Service for First Class MailĀ®, First Class Parcel Service or Priority MailĀ®.
  1. Please complete a Certified MailĀ® slip or inquire if it is accessible electronically. YouĀ  need to proof of identity.
  2. Choose the postal service you like better, based on how soon you demand the mail item to arrive. Choose from a range of USPS distribution solutions accessible from the UPS StoreĀ®. You’ll get a special 18-digit USPS tracking number.
  3. Go to and type your Certified Mail number or call the dedicated USPS support line to verify your letter’s status.

When using Certified Mail?

Certified Mail is a special USPS program that offers evidence of mailing to the sender with a receipt. With electronic USPS tracking, the sender is alerted when the mailing has been sent or when a shipping attempt has been made. Additional options, such as a return receipt, include verification of delivery in the form of a postcard signed by the recipient. The other option is an e-mail containing an electronic replica of the signature of the recipient. makes it convenient to print approved Mail and encumbered forms. With built-in forms, you no longer need to handwritten Approved Mail forms.

Why send certified mail?

You may be sending a financially significant letter or present legal or financial papers. Sending Certified MailĀ® gives peace of mind. It is a specific identifier, such as a paper trail or automated proof that the letterĀ  submitted and received.

It’s impossible to assume that this was never really submitted if the record suggests otherwise.

What Are the Advantages of Certified Mail?

Certified mail frequently used by legal firms and government bodies due to the extra protection it provides. It comes in handy when they require a legally recognized evidence of delivery. When mailing court documents, crucial contracts, or tax audit notices, this might be the case.

This ensures that the addressee has got the mail item in their hands while utilizing the limited delivery service. Furthermore, the signature functions as a form of receipt that the sender can access for up to two years. This is especially beneficial when the receiver claims not to have received the postal item.

Main Advantages of Certified Mail:


USPS Certified Mail Labels

certified mail labels

Create USPS Certified MailĀ®, Priority MailĀ®, and Express Mail labels online using USPS Postage. There will be no more Post Office stickers, paperwork, or lineups! Simply log in, enter your address, print, and mail. No monthly fees to pay, and no specific equipmentĀ  required. Pay as you send to save time at the post office.

Best way to use certified mail?

Although certified mail is a fantastic service. There is a method to get the increased protection. It provides without having to wait in line at the post office.
You may fulfill this by printing certified mail labels. You can stick them on the envelope you want to send certified mail in. Then you may mail it to anyone in the United States by depositing it in one of the thousands of post boxes. Alternatively, you may purchase authorized USPS certified postal envelopes.You may print the recipient’s information directly onto them, ready to ship.

This simpler way is accessible for all certified postal services, and you may save money on them as well.

Certified Mail Signature is required

Beware that everybody has to sign up for Certified MailĀ®. If no one can sign at the address, the postal workerĀ  not allowed to send the letter. When the mailĀ  eventually uncollected from the Post Office, it will be returned to the sender.

You will also send Accredited MailĀ® to your P.O. Box address, please. The P.O. Box tenant will be told to sign the letter at the Post Office desk.

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