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FedEx Locations: Pick-up and drop-off service locations near you

FedEx Locations
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When it comes to choosing the best FedEx locations for your shipping needs. There are various factors come into play, including vicinity, services offered, and customer reviews. In this guide, we will explore  some of the top-ranked FedEx locations that consistently deliver exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

Whether you require express shipping, international deliveries, or specialized handling. These locations are known for their commitment to excellence and ensuring your packages reach their destinations securely and on time. So let’s explore the highly regarded FedEx locations that can provide you with the shipping solutions you need.

What are FedEx Locations?

FedEx locations refer to the various physical facilities operated by FedEx, a global courier and delivery services company. These locations serve as points of service and operations for FedEx’s shipping, logistics, and courier activities. They are strategically located in different cities, regions, and countries worldwide to facilitate efficient pickup, drop-off, sorting, and distribution of packages.

FedEx locations can take different forms, including:

  1. FedEx Office Print and Ship Centers: These locations provide a range of services, including printing, copying, shipping, and packing solutions for businesses and individuals. They often have extended operating hours and offer convenient access to shipping supplies and materials.
  2. FedEx Ship Centers: These centers primarily focus on shipping-related services. They serve as hubs for accepting drop-off packages, facilitating package pickups, and assisting customers with shipping inquiries and transactions.
  3. FedEx Authorized Ship Centers: These are independent retail stores, such as shipping stores or office supply stores, authorized by FedEx to offer shipping services on behalf of the company. They typically provide a subset of FedEx’s services, including shipping, packaging, and tracking.
  4. FedEx On-site Locations: These are locations within retail stores, such as supermarkets or pharmacies, where FedEx has set up counters or service areas. Customers can access basic FedEx services like shipping and package drop-offs while conducting their regular shopping activities.

It’s important to note that the availability and specific types of FedEx locations may vary depending on the region and country. To find the nearest FedEx locations for you, you can use the FedEx website or contact their customer service for assistance

How to Find FedEx Locations Near You?

FedEx takes pleasure in the fact thousands of sites around the country. You can make it easy for businesses to get help with packing, shipping, supplies, and delivery. The FedEx Locations website is the best place to look for a FedEx location near you. FedEx working hours, last pickup times, and other value-added services are among the information displayed in the results.

find fedex location

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How to find a FedEx office?

Visit FedEx’s Locations website and input your address to discover a FedEx Office near you. We recommend choosing the “More” tab and ticking the “Copy and print services” box to limit the nearest locations to only FedEx Offices.

How to find FedEx Drop-off  locations?

Check on  FedEx Locations page and input your address to locate a FedEx drop-off location near you. If you just have a pre-paid label. You may use the “Drop box shipping” criteria to identify the closest unmanned outlet by clicking on it. FedEx drop boxes are typically found near business buildings, airports, retail malls, and supermarkets.

If you require extra services or want to drop off your shipment somewhere with people. You can easily select “Drop the labelled  package at staffed facility.” It will bring you a list of FedEx Offices, FedEx Ship Centers, and other retail stores.

Can I drop off without a printed label?

Yes! When you use the FedEx® Mobile app to produce a label on your phone.The program may generate a barcode. Simply save the barcode on your phone and take it to any FedEx Office or FedEx Ship Center®. Your label will be scanned and printed by our experts.

You can return a package to a FedEx Office or a participating Walgreens if the firm you bought it from sent you an email with a FedEx-provided QR code. After you present your code at the counter, your shipping label will be printed for you.

How to find  FedEx Ground drop-off  locations?

Packages being sent by FedEx Ground can be dropped off at any FedEx drop-off site. FedEx Ground pickup timings, on the other hand, may differ from FedEx Express pickup hours in that they are sooner and may not be accessible on weekends. Whenever you check on the FedEx Locations page’s results, you’ll notice the FedEx Ground pickup times displayed.

Federal Express Locations:

The FedEx International Connect Plus (FICP) service is currently accessible in 24 European nations. On the other hand it links to 47 markets across the world. The Companies may send items to online buyers in Europe in one to three days. The North America in three to four days.The Asia-Pacific in three to five days, and the rest of the globe in three to five days, thanks to FICP. The FedEx Express is supporting businesses on their growing journeys by linking them to new clients in international and intra-European markets. The current expansion of FICP to growing regions in eastern and northern Europe.”

Types of FedEx Locations:

FedEx drop off store near me:

You don’t need to visit a FedEx official store if your shipment is  pre labeled and wrapped. Are you looking for a “FedEx drop off location near me”?. You may find FedEx locations near you using the method described above. Also. It is necessary to please remember that drop-off boxes  frequently seen in partner retailers like Walmart and Walgreens. There are also several FedEx drop-off boxes on the street.

A parcel can be dropped off at any FedEx Ship Center. It allows you to send mail via FedEx Ground and FedEx Express, including parcels containing hazardous materials. There, you can drop off FedEx Ground items or request that you express packages  held for pickup at a ‘FedEx store near me. You also have the option of receiving expedited delivery.

How to find a FedEx shipping store near me?

While leaving your house or exploring the internet, you may quickly locate a ‘FedEx shipping store near me.. The following is what you should do:

  1. Go to the FedEx official website.
  2. Check the top of the website for the ‘Find FedEx Locations’ section.
  3. Hit Enter to enter your city, ZIP code, or precise address.
  4. You’ll see a map of your  neighborhood with the closest FedEx locations highlighted.
  5. You may select the kind of place during the search process. For example, identify a ‘FedEx print store near me’ or look for drop-off sites and ordinary offices. Please remember that each sort of location may have its own timetable; double-check before going to FedEx.

You can also check What is FedEx tracking system and how to track a package or shipment?

FedEx Domestic & International Services:

FedEx domestic & international services

FedEx Ship Center Services:

What distinguishes a FedEx Ship Center from a FedEx Office?. The FedEx Ship Centers do not provide services such as packing and office printing, have shorter hours than FedEx Offices, and have fewer shipping options. They do, however, offer specific assistance for transporting known as risky products and hazardous chemicals, as well as later drop-off periods. It typically one hour later than FedEx Office sites.

fedex ship center services

FedEx Ship Center Locations:

If your shipment is still being held at a FedEx Ship Center, go to the appropriate pickup location. If your shipment is still on its way. Please use the FedEx Delivery Manager® tool or call 1.800.GOFEDEX (1.800.463.3339) to select the Hold at FedEx Location option.

fedex ship center

FedEx Drop Box:

The FedEx Drop Boxes are unmanned facilities in which you can drop off FedEx Express, Ground, and FedEx SmartPost deliveries with pre-paid envelopes.

What does FedEx Drop Box Size?

With thousands of the FedEx Drop Boxes available around the world. You can find one in a shopping Centre, convenience store, or FedEx Office® near you. The Big package, huh? No issue at all. The Both drop boxes  designed to accommodate packages up to 20″x12″x6.” Find more order drop-off detail here.

Drop boxes suit the routine for a 24/7 drop-off for FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, and FedEx Smart Post® shipments. Select places also have pick-up hours and pick-up times on Saturday. Select 1-, 2-or 3-day shipment for FedEx Express deliveries.

Things you must need to know:

FedEx Locations-It’s important to notе that thе availability and spеcific typеs of FеdEx locations may vary dеpеnding on thе rеgion and country. To find thе nеarеst FеdEx locations for you, you can usе thе FеdEx wеbsitе or contact thеir customеr sеrvicе for assistancе.

Bеcausе drop boxеs only function with FеdEx rapid dеlivеry. Thе cost of your packagе mostly dеtеrminеd by its wеight. Makе surе you know how much anything wеighs and how much you’ll havе to pay bеforе you put it in thе drop box. You don’t want any unеxpеctеd situations in thе futurе.

Last but not least, before using a drop off service, it’s usually advisable to pick a FedEx facility with personnel. It can answer any queries you may have. It’s pointless to arrive puzzled and leave anxious.


In conclusion, FedEx locations play a vital role in the company’s commitment to providing reliable and efficient logistics solutions. By appropriately positioning their physical locations and staffing them with dedicated professionals, FedEx ensures that customers have easy access to their services and receive the assistance they need. Whether it’s sending packages across the globe or accessing additional business services, FedEx locations serve as reliable and convenient destinations for individuals and organizations equally.

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